It all began in 1967

Transvaal Heavy Transport has been in operation since 1967 and continuously strives to be one of the best transport companies in South Africa. "Not the biggest but the best". THT is solely owned by the second-generation Swanepoel family.

At THT we have a philosophy not based on what is taught at business school but on personal ethics. We encourage people to believe in themselves and the future. To have respect for themselves, their colleagues, their customers, and the industry. To always be sincere and honest and maintain their integrity.

Transvaal Heavy Transport strives for ongoing improvement. We aim to be the best in the service, admin, and support by giving YOU our clients the TLC you require to help you succeed in your field of business and to ensure our continued success through the next 50 years!


Transvaal Heavy Transport (Pty) Ltd should always be a people-orientated company understanding the needs of its customer, its people, and its environment and that Transvaal Heavy Transport (Pty) Ltd management should always comply with basic managerial and human principles, and that there must be growth, wealth and prosperity for all its stakeholders.


Transvaal Heavy Transport (Pty) Ltd should aim to become a world-class transport/logistics company providing premium service for specific segments of customers in accordance with a flexible service and tariff system giving cognizance to the different operating periods in the year on a local and international basis with the aim to assuring profitability and growth in the interest of stakeholders.


Personal Service
Experienced and Specialized Advice
Competitive Pricing
Various Destinations


Quick response on all quotations/queries
Project Packages
Document turn-around time
Accurate Paperwork
Invoice and POD’S delivered according to customer needs.


Equipment (certified tie-down equipment)
Well maintained vehicles and trailers
Well trained, professional drivers and assistants
Accredited and Certified
Technical Support


All our vehicles are fitted with C-Track for total control of the fleet and information at our fingertips when communicating with our customers.


Well maintained vehicles. Own workshop and bodyshop on the premises.


Well trained, educated and Transport experienced Staff to be of service to our customers.