Abnormal Transport Companies South Africa

Transvaal Heavy Transport is a company that an assist you in moving your abnormal goods. 

What is abnormal loading?

An abnormal load is a load which due to its weight, or dimensions cannot be carried on a conventional goods vehicle and requires a special vehicle and arrangements for its transport.

A permit is needed to transport abnormal loads and vehicles. The requirements for a permit depend on the size and nature of the load or vehicle. Thats why here at THTS we offer the services that you needs so that you do not have to struggle. 

What is the maximum legal height of a loaded vehicle in South Africa?

The South African National Road Traffic Act stipulates a legal vehicle height of 4.3 metres. The standard flat deck trailer fleet used in South Africa, combined with the international standard high cube container stands at 4.5 metres, thus breaching this limit.

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