Small 1 Ton Deliveries

Medium Deliveries

2 - 8 Ton

Abnormal Loads

Roll Back Services

Transvaal Heavy Transport

Dry Bulk Deliveries

Why Choose THTSA?

Throughout our various product offering T.H.T. transports a broad range of Industrial, Construction, Raw Steel, Manufactured Steel, Tanks, Silo’s, Engineering and Manufactured Equipment, Transformers, Machinery,Trains, Planes, Cranes,and spares of all the above and more!

Some of The Services We Offer:

  • Small 1 Ton Deliveries
  • Medium 2 – 8 Ton Deliveries
  • Rollback Services
  • Loading, Transport & Offloading Services
  • Box, Flat & Upright Services
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Oversized Loads
  • Dry Bulk Services
  • Cross Border Transport
  • Rigging

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