Abnormal Vehicles Weekend Travel Pilot Project


was selected as the Transport Company to launch this project within Gauteng.

Transportation of Abnormal Loads of 12mL X 3.2mW X 4.6m loaded height during weekends in Gauteng on Saturdays & Sundays up and until 13H00.

Within these dimensions WE can transport YOUR abnormal loads during a WEEKEND IN GAUTENG.

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Nothing is too Big or too Small for us to handle.

The Gauteng province is driving a new initiative to ease congestion and facilitate economic growth.

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport MEC, Dr Ismail Vadi together with the Road Freight Association launched a weekend travel pilot project for abnormal vehicles on 12 March 2019.

The objective of the pilot project is to study the effects of weekend travel on the provincial roads as well to explore ways of reducing cost of doing business by encouraging movement of Abnormal Vehicles during less congested periods.

In other words: It will allow heavy-duty vehicles over the weekend to transport goods to help facilitate economic growth.

Government recognises the need for improving the efficient management and administration of transport services to meet the growing demand for movement of heavy loads and facilitate Provincial economic growth.

At the end of a period on 12 months, the pilot will be reviewed by Administrators, Freight Industry and Law Enforcement agencies. Recommendations from this review will inform development of new administrative policy and regulation.